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Internal communications

Multi-channel internal communications for the hard to reach


Honda of the UK Manufacturing Ltd (HUM) has 4,000 Associates doing a superb job of making cars for the European market. In its last annual employee survey, internal communication scored extremely low. Historically a serious challenge for HUM, the vast majority of employees have long been hard to reach, working shift patterns in a manufacturing environment. With minimal access to online communications, HUM relied most heavily on team leaders reading out a daily briefing.

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What we did

Working as part of a wider cultural change project, we brought together the internal communications across a bundle of channels with a consistent look and feel and a simple copy tone.

We’ve been advising, creating, designing, producing and/or copywriting all of these ....

Associate Zone (intranet), @HUM newsletter, Associate forums (town hall meetings), cascade information, ambient media, change reps, information hubs and other tactical comms.

The Associate Zone has proved one of the most popular and well-used channels. It’s already making life easier for the content editors and HR team with lots of practical, automated and cost saving features:

  • News publishing tool
  • Social calendar, buying, selling and lift sharing area
  • An employee voice forum, with feedback within 24 hours
  • ‘Recommended for you’ content publishing tool
  • SAP employee data - upload of data from SAP enabling new Associates to be added to the site in a batch
  • Custom information ‘pod’ dashboard design
  • Video management
  • Company notices and production status notification tool
  • FAQ tool and form manager for any content page
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In just the 9 months since launch, already 60% of Associates have registered on the site. Relevant and interesting content keeps on coming to grow this percentage, and we’re now seeing more Associates contributing their own ideas for content they want to see.

So next on our list is a canteen section for menus and two-way feedback (watch out Canteen Managers), mobile and tablet App development and more Associate noticeboard bells and whistles.